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TIO Streamline ...Asking the hard questions!

MakeItRight, Inc. is a firm committed to the ongoing collaboration of design, construction, and inspection personnel for the improvement and quality development of hospital facilities in California. Consequently, it publishes regularly featured surveys to gather and share with industry stakeholders. The information summarized in the surveys represents opinions on a wide spectrum of current events, legislative matters, and new technologies. The results are anonymous and summarized immediately upon completion by the participants. By increasing the awareness of how we collectively understand the most pressing issues of our industry, we are better able to achieve progressive solutions. TIO Streamline Express is a web based service, developed by Makeitright, Inc., that improves and standardizes the implementation of the requirements for “Tests, Inspections, and Observation.” TIO Streamline Express provides interactive functionality, coordination, and data storage that optimizes efficiency and better defines the criteria for managing a TIO Program. For more information about the TIO Streamline Express program, please contact Makeitright, Inc. or visit the site at

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