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Special Seismic Certification Snapshot

With a passion to improve the design industry, Joseph La Brie, CA registered Civil and Structural Engineer with more than 30 years of experience, partnered with highly specialized experts and established Dynamic Certification Laboratories. DCL is one of only a few fully accredited, single source, premier laboratories for all required seismic simulation testing, analysis, reporting, and certification of essential equipment; and is the only such lab owned and operated by Structural Engineers. Its advanced, triaxial shake table, experienced staff and commitment to quality make DCL a leader in the industry. At DCL, every project is closely monitored by at least one of the company’s two reputable Structural Engineers. Unlike typical testing laboratories, DCL is fully equipped and capable of taking a piece of equipment from shake-test to pre-approval, and that is exactly what DCL has been doing. With more than 20 OSHPD OSP’s, and more than 30 Site specific certifications under its belt, DCL forges on in hopes of increasing seismic safety in our country's most critical buildings. For further information, and to reserve shake table time, please visit, call (626) 688-6874 or email

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