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Special Seismic Certification of Equipment

Thank you to those of you who attended Makeitright's seminar on seismic certification and possible ramifications of SB 499!

The presentation is now posted for downloaded at:

By educating ourselves, we move towards finding the balance in the difficult dance of safety and budget. Thank you for taking that educational first step towards making changes that will make us better as an industry--that will make us design better, build better and operate better.

Special Seismic Certification refers to the seismic certification of mechanical and electrical equipment that must remain operable, and any hazardous materials containers that must maintain containment, following a certain level of seismic activity.
The State of California’s Code Application Notice 2-1708A.5 is an important and valuable document. However, if the industry is not properly educated as to what this document requires, there could be substantial financial and time-related consequences to Hospital Owners statewide.

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